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    Secondary Religious Education

    Religious Education is an exciting and engaging subject, helping students to explore and appreciate the central importance of beliefs and values in our rapidly changing world. It requires creative approaches; making imaginative links between contemporary issues and the students’ own experience; and the enthusiasm to explore life’s big questions in open and honest ways. The course offers trainees’ opportunities to develop their professional competence, skills and understanding in this area. The philosophy of teaching the subject will be explored and be supported by working with young people in the classroom.

    Trainees will have opportunities to develop their understanding of the world’s major religions, philosophy and ethics to teach across the 11-16 range. Areas for further development will be identified during the recruitment process and addressed as part of the training plan throughout the year.

    We are pleased to offer the following places for 2022/23:

    • Provider-led and School-direct places in Religious Education. 

    For provider-led places apply on DfE Apply to EMTTP (Institute Code: E31, Course Code: 2JZM)

    If you are successful in gaining a place via either of these pathways you will undertake your main placement through one of the following schools:

    The Ripley Academy

    We currently have 1 training place available for 2022-23