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    Secondary Music

    Music is a creative, interesting and engaging subject that appeals to all students across all school. As a trainee teacher of Music you have the ability to influence the lives of the next generation of musicians with your passion and drive for the subject. Students will learn a range of different skills in performance and composition as well as ‘life skills’ such as working as a team, self-motivation and time-management.

    You will be able to empower the students with a love of learning for an international subject that could take them to all corners of the world and introduce them to different cultures and places that they may not have heard of before.

    Teaching Music allows you to explore these different places as well as help create the next generation of musicians in the UK. As part of the subject you will be teaching composition, performance and theory skills as well as work within traditional historical musicology and developing areas such as Music Technology, recording, sound manipulation and popular song.