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      Secondary Art and Design

      Art and Design is a diverse subject which enhances human abilities, aptitudes and skills. It encourages creativity and imagination as well as self-expression and perception.  

      The course offers trainees’ opportunities to develop their professional competence, skills and understanding in these areas. The philosophy of teaching the subject will be explored and be supported by working with young people in classrooms, photography suites and other bespoke areas.  

      Trainees specialise in Art and Design and teach across the 11-16 range, with the possibility of contributing at Post 16 level. It is inevitable that some aspects of the subject will require further development in skills and knowledge but that will be addressed as part of the training plan throughout the year.

      We are pleased to offer the following places for 2019/20:

      •  Provider-led places in Applied art and design. 
      •  School-direct (unsalaried) places in Applied art and design.

      For provider-led places apply on UCAS to EMTTP (UCAS Institute Code: E31, UCAS Course Code: 2JZT)

      For school-direct places apply to our lead school The West Bridgford School (UCAS Institute Code: 219, UCAS Course Code 2JXJ) and Joseph Whitaker School (UCAS Institute Code: 2K7, UCAS Course Code: 3B7G) via the UCAS teacher training application website. 

      If you are successful in gaining a place via either of these pathways you will undertake your main placement through one of the following schools:

      Ashfield School

      Chilwell School

      John Ferneley College

      Joseph Whittaker School

      Kimberley School

      South Wolds Academy

      West Bridgford School

      We currently have 5 training places available for 2019-20