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      Primary Foundation/KS1

      The Foundation Stage curriculum provides children with a wide range of knowledge and skills that establish strong foundations for their future progress through school and life. The curriculum is planned and taught to meet the needs of all pupils and enables children to become confident, independent and curious learners. Key Stage 1 builds on this by offering a broad and balanced curriculum which promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school.

      Trainees will gain an understanding of how children develop and learn. They will be supported in the planning, delivery and reviewing of lessons by experienced practitioners enabling them to move their own practice forward and providing the opportunity for pupils to become ‘life-long learners’ and achieve their full potential.

      We are pleased to offer the following places for 2019/20:

      • Provider-led places in Primary Key Stage 1 (ages 3-7) 
      • School-direct (unsalaried) places in Primary Key Stage 1 (ages 3-7) 

      For provider-led places apply on UCAS to EMTTP (UCAS Institute Code: E31, UCAS Course Code: 2S3C)

      For school-direct places apply to our lead school, The West Bridgford School (UCAS Institue Code: 219, UCAS Course Code: 2S2Y) and Mornington Primary School (UCAS Institute Code: 2K4, UCAS Course Code 3B38) via the UCAS teacher training application website.