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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does each qualification take from start to finish? Eighteen months from the first day. We do suggest submitting your assignment before this time so that you get marking and feedback in good time. 

    Will it affect my job in school? Only in a positive way! The nature of the qualification and project is that it is supposed to supplement your role in school and enable you to develop further leadership skills and qualities.

    Are the qualifications free? No - each has a certain cost. Please see the particular qualification page for information. However, you can apply for a scholarship if your school is in an area 5 or 6 or if you work in a MAT with schools in area 5 or 6. Scholarships are not guaranteed but everyone who applied in 2018/2019 was successful in their application. Please note, when you apply to EMTTP, we apply for the scholarship on your behalf based on the details you have given us.

    What does a sponsor have to do in school? They meet with you regularly and talk through your project. They may offer guidance and give you key information or contacts. They will need to write a comment on your progress - this contributes to your assignment. 

    Who marks my assignment? It is sent directly to Ambition Institute who mark it using the criteria set by the Department for Education. At the end of the course you are asked to upload it online for them to access it. 

    How am I supported during the qualification? Your sponsor, senior management team and colleagues will support you within school; your course facilitators will support you on the professional learning days and via Brightspace. They will be able to answer any questions you may have and give you feedback on the progress of your project. You will also receive emails from us at EMTTP who will give you key information and updates. 

    What is Brightspace? It is our online learning platform. We give you access to this once your place on the course is confirmed and just before the course begins. It houses all information about the qualification and is also where pre-reading and tasks are placed. It is very user friendly and easy to navigate! 

    What if I have a change of circumstances once the course begins? Not to worry - just send us an email cpd@emttp.ac.uk so that we can update your information. This might include an email address change, school move, withdrawal* or request for extension. *Please read the terms and conditions document we send before requesting withdrawal. 

    What if I have to miss a Professional Learning Day? Sometimes this can't be avoided  - particularly with illness and Ofsted visits. Please email us as far in advance as you can so that we can record your absence and send you any materials you may need to catch up on. We are happy to talk on the phone or connect you with one of the facilitators if you need more support. It is important that you attend as many Professional Learning Days as possible. Ourselves and Ambition Institute monitor attendance and it is not possible to complete the qualification if you have missed more than 2 sessions. 

    Is there anything I can do in between my acceptance on the course and the first Professional Learning Day? You could have a preliminary meeting with your sponsor to discuss your hopes for the course and what leadership skills and qualities you wish to develop. The project you have to complete does need to be informed by data on pupil progress and attainment so it is worth looking at your department/school data or school development plan for some initial ideas. You do not need to come to your first Professional Learning Day with an idea for a project - you will think about this during the day!